Veneer is the building trades name for facing. A back up wall is required. Many styles can be developed from standard stone veneer products by using a basic three step process.

1. Determine your setting bed depth and support structure the veneer will set on.

2. Develop the pattern by determining the range of heights to be used and the ratio of bars to blocks. Also consider if your veneer facing shall be flush in section; or rusticated and by how much.

3. Decide on color ranges and textures, or a blend for the face to achieve the desired look of the overall wall. Consider warm tones or cool tones for the surroundings; as the stone will be a dominant factor in the creation of the atmosphere of the space.




When a deep veneer is desired, we will make you a custom cubic veneer. This is available in all our quarried stones including, Alcove, Antique, Mossy Hill, Fossil Rock
and Limerock.


HEIGHTS: Range from 3” to 12” (all heights are mixed on pallets)

LENGTH: 6” to 30”