Split wall caps and copings are made on hydraulic splitting machines; from Alcove Natural Cleft Bluestone. The tops are smooth to rough, and are mixed on the pallets. 

1. The two longest edges are fairly parallel with a plus or minus tolerance of about ¾”.

2. The natural edges are saved when possible, otherwise the edges are split (blue/grey). 

3. Trimming is required by the masons to fit to the joint tolerances. Pieces may taper in thickness, within the tolerance.

4. Lengths vary according to the width of the stone. The minimum length is approximately - 4” longer than the width; and the maximum lengths are 3’-0”.

We make these standard wall caps in two thickness ranges as shown in the table below. The ends of the stones may be square or angled, depending on the shape of the stock they are split from. Inquire about the availability of custom sizes if desired.

Wall caps and copings are sold by weight. See table for coverages.